Silica for an Alkaline Body

Silica to balance the levels of body PH naturally

Recent news reported that 6 out of 10 Americans are overweight due to having an over acidic body. alkaline-foods

Studies by Dr. robert young have shown that fat is created to protect the body from high levels of acidity. This means the body creates fat cells to carry acids away from vital organs, so acid doesn’t damage the organ. According to these studies, fat is actually saving your life. Fact is created as a response mechanism to an alarming over acidic body.

Here is some information regarding levels of PH in the body, you may find useful to help maintain your body alkalinized. Body’s PH is measure in a scale of 0-14. With a balance PH at the rate of 7. If the level of PH are anywhere bellow 7, the body is an acidic state, and not working as designed. Anything higher than 7 is an alkalinized state, a state where disease can’t exist.

When you help the body remove acid toxicity you will flush fats resulting in a glowing skin, weight loss, better abortion of nutrients, and appropriate muscle gain.

To balance the level of body PH and get rid of over-acidic state, you can follow these tips:

#1- to alkalinized the body is recommended to drink alkaline water: the purest form of water, water that has been filter. Alkalinized water means water that with a PH over 7.5. Alkaline water contains oxygen and helps neutralize acids fluids in the body.

Try to avoid the use of coffee, black tea and sodas, this drinks have no nutritional value and are highly acidic.

#2: Eat lots of celery: celery is one of the most alkalinized foods available to eat. celery helps to naturalize acids quickly. Celery has a high content of water, and works perfect against thirst. Celery helps digestion, so fell free to have a celery juice before during or after a meal.

#3- Green salads: eat greens; forget adding croutons and cheese to the salads, make it fun and healthy! a great tip to help you do it , is to make a huge bowl of green salad every 3 days, keep it well refrigerated and have it handy to alkalinized the body. Some good alkalinized vegetables are cucumbers ( due to a high silica content), tomatoes, celery, spinach, kale, and onions. A great salad dreading could be fresh lime, vinegar and vegetable oil.

#4 Stop drinking cow milk: cow milk has been shown to produce high amounts of mocus in the human body. Instead of drinking cow milk switch to rice or almond milk. Its important to note that most cows are injected with hormones, to increase milk production. Many of these dangerous hormones have terrible side effects that can be pass on to humans by consuming milk. To avoid drinking cow milk check out other alternative such as, rice milk, almond milk or coconut milk.

#5 Try to never eat artificial sweeteners: artificial sweetener include aspartame, sucralose, NutraSweet. These substances are not only acidic but also have effects that deteriorate our nervous system. To avoid eating sugars and affecting the body, you can start using Stevia.
Stevia is a natural sweetener that dent have the bad site effects of artificial sweeteners.

#6 Grapefruits: to help alkalinized the body is recommended eating a grapefruit in the morning, and waiting at least 15 minutes before ingesting any carbohydrates. Grapefruits are high in water and are also highly alkalinized.

#7 Reduce red meat pork or lamb- Red meat is not easy to digest and is hard in the body. Red meats are highly acidic due to their low water content. If you fell like you got to have meat, eat white meat as an alternative such as, chicken and fish.

#8 Add hobbies to your life to reduce stress and keep it healthy- start creating positive habits, practice yoga or any hobbies to reduce stress. When the body is in a stress mode, the digestive system shuts down and toxins are not eliminated.

#9 Green supplement- super greens are some of the most nutritious, dense food in the planet. Green supplements give the body the necessary nutrients, amino acids, enzyme and alkaline salts that will help neutralized the acid in the blood and body tissues.

#10 Minimized or avoid all refine foods: This means avoid any food made with sugar, food coloring and flour. The body is not designed to digest any chemicals.

#11- Add silica to your diet silica- Silica is a natural way to balance body ph levels.

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