Natural sources of Silica

High Contentration of Natural Silica in Bamboo

Bamboo extracts come from the leaves of edible grass that many animals eat. This grass is rich in the mineral silica, an essential element for humans as much as animals. Silica is key in keeping the skin and hair healthy. Studies have shown that daily supplementation with bamboo extract can improve the appearance of the skin, and eliminate symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. bamboo-forest

The skin is the largest organ in the body, to keep it healthy we must balance the nutrients the body requires. Silica improves the appearance of the skin by helping the body absorb necessary minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Silica also has anti-irritant properties, soothing and refreshing the skin when applied directly in gel form. Silica works as an anti-oxidants helping control wrinkles and other skin problems that come with aging.

For people that are looking for ways to improve the appearance of hair, bamboo extract rich in silica can help by keeping hair ducts clear. Shampoos with bamboo extract can help hair growth, as they wash away dead cells and other undesired agents that may build up on hair strands. By washing and cleaning off any un-wanted agents from hair, bamboo can help make hair shinny and strong.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants around the world. The plant can grow about 5cm per hour and you can actually SEE the growth. There are many books written about bamboo, centuries ago in China. Bamboo has been use in Asia as a healer and medicine since ancient times.

One of the main substances from bamboo use china is Tabasher, also known as Bamboo silica (for his high content of silica) bamboo- mana. Bamboo has a high silica content, which helps form a “cellular cement” by maintaining the balance between collagen and elastin. Fortifying the bones and helping cure fractures fast.

Bamboo contains the highest concentration of natural silica; it contains over 70% of organic silica. Everyday the body continually metabolizes silicic acid. The body, in natural process such as urination, hair loss, and nail trimming, eliminates silica. It’s necessary to restore the levels of silica in our body on a daily basis. The body can hold up to 2 grams of silica at the time, these amounts are necessary to maintain optimal levels of health.

Because of the many health benefits silica has, we recommend you to add a silica supplement to your diet; as it will help improve the appearance of your hair, nails and skin. Silalive is a silica supplement that contains both beneficial forms of silica; orthosilic acid and diatomaceous earth, this is why we believe is one of the most complete silica supplements that will give you notorious results.

Natural Silica

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