Silica Against Heavy Metal Toxicity

Children are the most vulnerable to heavy metals and toxins

The first months and years of life are the most important but also the most vulnerable years in a human being’s life. During this time, all the organs are developing at an amazing pace; the nervous system is quickly developing and absorbing any type of information and minerals (in order to develop both intellectually and physically). The situations and environment surrounding us is abundant in toxic elements that might be found in vaccines, foods, water, even the air we breathe. A child’s organism is open and available to absorb the nutrients it needs, but it does the same with the damaging elements? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes: a young body is ready to absorb toxins just like it’s ready to absorb its nutrients. More than this, the body of a child has a lower capacity to detoxify, excrete and metabolize the toxins. Official organizations set up a “safety” standard for every chemical toxin in our environment, but at the tolerance of an adult’s body and not a child’s.

This might not sound that dangerous, especially when we can’t really “put our hand” on these toxins and chemicals that harm our children. However, the facts show us something different: toxins and harmful chemicals do exist and they are affecting our children every day, and more with every generation. The latest increasing numbers of children suffering from autism, cancers and ADHD have been associated by specialists, with very high levels of environmental toxicity. The scientific explanation is that these neurological are present as a genetic predisposition. If and when facing the shock of handling heavy metals and toxins, which firstly attack the nervous system, a predisposed child’s brain can’t handle it. And this is what triggers the earlier mentioned diseases, destroying the life of a child and his/her family.


How can heavy metals influence children?

Heavy metals influence children even since they are in womb. These heavy metals, along with other toxic chemicals, cross through the mother’s placenta and enter the baby’s system where they start impeding brain and nervous system’s development. The child my suffer language problems later in life, it might go through socialization difficulties (autism), might even go blind or be born like this. A detoxification plan has to be used by any future mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Children diagnosed with ADHD have been subjected to different scientific studies that proved how parts of their brain are smaller than normal, while others were bigger. Also, it was discovered that ADHD children’s brain wasn’t receiving proper nourishment because the blood flow towards their brain was lower than normal. These symptoms are triggered by the brain’s incapacity to produce enough neurotransmitters/hormones which are called catecholamines. Low amounts of catecholamines trigger the hyperactivity disorder, just like the effects of the toxins, capable to change the brain’s structure. If you believe your child has a neurological problem, have him/her tested for heavy metals.

There aren’t that many solutions for the heavy metals/chemical toxins problem. In fact, only one solution is available, since it’s not in our power to change the environment. That solution is applying a detoxification method, start using silica, and joining green organizations that fight for a better future.

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