What Is Silica?

It’s seems like it would almost be obvious that the most abundant elements would take care of the most vital tasks in the human body. Silicon and Oxygen are the most abundant elements on earth and together make up silica.

Research conducted at the UCLA shows silicon as a key element in metabolic and structural processes in higher animals and human beings. The studies show silicon to be an essential trace element, as vital and essential as Vitamin C for example.

Regardless of the abundance of silicon, we still don’t take as much silicon as we need on a regular basis. Indeed silicon is an essential element for the body but a very important factor when discussing silicon it’s bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the degree in which a substance can be assimilated and utilized by the body. Inorganic Silicon can’t be utilized by the body, because its missing the presence of carbon.

Silicon it’s majorly presented in nature in its inorganic form, composing the earth crust. Humans can’t assimilate inorganic silica because we posses a carbon-based body.

Orthosilicic & Diatomaceous Earth

Studies show that orthosilicic acid is the organic form of silica that can be assimilated by the body. Our body needs organic silica for its internal use, this potent mineral can  help you achieve radiant health, beautiful skin, strengthen nails and its also beneficial for the health of the bones.

The inorganic form of silica  known as Diatomaceous Earth , can’t penetrate deep in the cells or be digested, however it possesses electrical and parasitical properties, works as an anti-inflammatory and internal cleanser.

Orthosilicic acid is Organic silica is mostly found in natural fruits and vegetables, but foods are becoming low on orthosilicic acid because soils are depleted of silica and are high in other compounds that prevent plants from absorbing silica.

There would be no life, as we know it with out Silicon.

Studies on Silicon revealed:

-Silicon stimulates cell metabolism and cell formation.

-Helps prevent the aging process on tissues. Younger people always show a higher content of silica on their tissues. This is due to the fact the amount of silica in the tissues decreases with age. Silica it’s important for the structure and function of connective tissue.

-Silica increases elasticity and firmness of blood vessels (elasticized with silica)

-Silica is an anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, and absorbing and odor binding.

-Silica helps stimulate the immune system to fight off diseases.

To really understand how silica works and to learn more about the health benefits of organic (orthosilicic acid) and inorganic silica (diatomaceous earth ) check out the video below.

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